Welcome to Femme Fatale Hair Extensions, where fabulous hair meets furry friends! We're not your ordinary salon and online store—we're on a mission to make a pawsitive impact. With every purchase, we're raising funds to open a no-kill animal rescue right here in WA!

Our ultimate goal is to create a doggy haven—a Dog rescue/Doggy daycare—where dogs in need of a second chance can play, interact, and find their forever homes. Imagine the joy of picking up your future doggy sibling while meeting your own furry soulmate at our daycare! It's a love story in the making!

But that's not all. Along this wild and woof-tastic journey, we're also supporting existing rescues worldwide through donations of money and food. We're spreading the love to our furry friends near and far!

Let's meet the brains behind it all—Ally, our fearless founder. Hailing from New Zealand and now residing in Perth with her husband, Ally is a passionate 31-year-old surrounded by her dogs and adorable ferrets. Her childhood dreams of starting an animal rescue never faded. From writing speeches on animal cruelty at age 11 to designing her own rescue facility at 12, Ally knew she needed more than just dreams and love for animals to make a real difference. That's when the brilliant idea of Femme Fatale Hair Extensions was born—a fusion of her love for fabulous hair and her unwavering dedication to helping animals. Now, she's turning her dream into a reality, one hair extension at a time. But while we're working towards our own facility, we're not sitting idly by. There are amazing rescue organizations and animals out there in need of our help right now. That's why we're donating to multiple rescues along the way, making an impact from day one!

We'd love to hear your suggestions and feedback. Reach out to us at femmefatalehairextensionsaus@gmail.com

Join us on our social media adventure! Follow us on Instagram and share our website to show your love and support for rescue animals. We've got exclusive discounts and special treats in store for our loyal Instagram followers. Let's make a difference, one fabulous hair extension and wagging tail at a time!

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/FEMMEFATALEAUSTRALIA.

Thank you for being part of our incredible journey and supporting our cause. Together, we'll change the lives of our furry friends and create a world full of love and compassion.

Stay fabulous and furry,
The Femme Fatale Hair Extensions Team